Sage 50 Cloud Accounts

What is Sage 50 Cloud Accounts?

Sage 50 cloud is the amazing software and known as Sage 50 Accounts desktop software. It is trustable and reliable software with the added power of Ms Office 365 incorporation.

The some feature of Sage 50 cloud Accounts software

Easily manage their invoicing and cash flow Includes MS office 365
Easily and quickly see what they are owed, schedule supplier payments and mange late payments to suit their cash flow position. 50 cloud Professional and 50 cloud standard available on 50 cloud Essentials for an more charge.
Quotes to give their business documents a professional edge and create personalized invoices. Collaborate and work anywhere with reliable applications such as Excel, word, PowerPoint and Outlook powered through business class email.
Work with suppliers and customers in their own currency. It converts them back to see where they stand. Handle exchange rate losses and gains and easily track. Join and host meeting and security store. It can access their document whenever they want.


  • Powerful VAT, simple and stock management, and bank reconciliation.
  • Easily and quickly calculate VAT, Reconcile to only pay what they owe.
  • Keep control of their assets with and create multi-product builds.
  • Secure mobile backups and working
  • Sage 50 cloud automatically stores their documents and data backup with secure.
  • Powerful reporting and tracking for projects.
  • The user can track their numbers by numerous ways and departments.
  • Log expenses and income against projects.
  • Keep track time, profits and progress.
  • Monitor performance with in depth reporting and create project budgets.
  • Manage supplier and customer relationship with purchase orders and a structured process by raising sales.


Apart of this if a customer wants to contact with us to call, chat or email support. They can call us on our toll free number. On the other hand, if you want to chat with us on chat window. We are available 24*7 for your support. At any time customer can contact on Sage technical support team.



Sage 50 Decline Error Code 000005

Fix Sage 50 Decline Error Code 000005

The Sage 50 book-keeping solution is designed by Sage Group especially for small and medium size organization. It was previously known as Peachtree Accounting. It is user-friendly software but there are certain situations when you might come across some technical errors and functionality errors. These errors, irrespective of their origin can hamper your work. It they are not rectified in given time, they can cause a major issue in your work. One such error is Sage 50 Decline Error Code 000005.

The Sage Decline Error Code 00005 is also known as Bank Error, as your transaction is declined by generic bank. This Decline Error Code 000005 indicates “Do Not Honor” message. It means that the issuing bank has declined the use of authorized card due to some reasons. It can be due to insufficient funds, but that can be categorized as Sage 50 Decline Error Code 000051. It can be categorized as Bank Error Codes or Transactions Decline Codes. When you encounter these types of errors, it means your payment is not processed as it is rejected by banks. In such cases, you should avoid making transactions again in 24 hours after your initial decline and contact customer’s bank for more detail.

Causes of Sage Decline Error 000005:

If you receive Decline Error Code 000005, then avoid making any transaction in 24 hours. There can be many causes for this issue:

• Insufficient funds in customer’s bank account.
• The bank feels the location from where the transaction is taking place is suspicious.
• If you ignored any bank rules.
• Invalid CVV
• Invalid Card number
• Wrong bank information is provided like expiration date, etc


The Sage 50 Decline Error Code 000005 can be rectified by following the steps mentioned below.

• Contact your customer/client.
• Ask them to give a call to their bank for explanation.

The solution above shall help you in rectifying your issues but in case you need some further help, you can contact Sagesupportnumber. They are Sage consultant who provides Sage support globally to millions of Sage users. They have an exclusive team of Sage experts who have years of experience in handling such issues. To contact them, you just have to call on their customer support toll-free number 1 (844) 857 4846. They will guide you throughout the process. You can also visit their website and request to Online Chat Support.



Sage Impact Technical Support Number

Sage HRMS Technical Support

Sage HRMS, previously known as Sage Abra is a powerful human resource management software built by Sage. Human resource management is a detailed task which takes a lot of efforts to keep everything under the belt and free from errors. With Sage HRMS, this effort minimizes to automatic handling. It has several benefits which makes human resource handling easy and also efficiently productive for the organizations.

Sage HRMS Benefits

  • Handles compliance for human resource.
  • Helps in reporting analysis
  • Records all the employee records from identity to insurance
  • Files conversions, import and export to various database
  • Training modules for personnel development and overall organizational benefits
  • Customization of reporting essentials
  • Time management training modules for better efficiency

Sage HRMS Features

  • Detailed Employee Information

Sage HRMS has a track of every information about the employee. Big or small, identity or insurance track, everything is registered with accuracy in the HR management system. Moreover, there is a simplified way of extracting every information from the software.

  • Tracking System

Sage HRMS is a tracking expert. All the working employee data is tracked with exact figures, further to this, employee benefits and additional prerequisites are also tracked down by the system. It also keeps a record of the leaves taken by every employee and keeps a dig at the leave system of the company.

  • Government Policies

HR management system in Sage is build up with the latest regulations by the government. EEO, FMLA, OSHA and other government regulatory bodies which effect the HR is taken into consideration so that an rule cannot be violated.

  • Data Security Enabled

The HRMS software has been designed keeping the security of data in mind. It has high level security imposed which enables the users to maintain their data safe and out of concerns. Every file is managed with care and zeal.

  • Software Integrated System

Sage HRMS is integrated with Microsoft Outlook and MS Office to import and export data in and out of the system. There are reports which are prepared by the system and are further analysed through other programs like MS Excel, MS Access and MS Outlook.

Sage HRMS Technical Support – Call 1 (844) 857 4846

Sage HRMS is a huge and vital software. It can perform several tasks which out performs every other HRMS software. It is highly accurate and reliable and further helps to efficiently produce results for the organization. However, it is sometimes difficult to understand the HRMS system and therefore guidance is a must to produce effective results. We provide customer support for Sage HRMS in the form of the following details:

  • You can connect to Sage Technical Support via phone at 1 (844) 857 4846 and speak to our experts.
  • Our experts are knowledgeable and experienced in the domain.
  • We also have the option of live chat with our experts. To accumulate any information you can chat here and get quick response for your query.
  • We are available 24/7 to assist you.


Sage Forecasting

Sage Forecasting

Sage Forecasting which was previously known as financial Forecasting is one of the finest predictive software in the organization. Sage Forecasting allows you to export and work upon reports in MS Excel.

Features of Sage Forecasting

  • Forecasting helps to predict the financial decisions of the company which would effect in which way.
  • It enhances the cash flow by analysis and monitoring
  • Forecasting is all about preparing reports which helps in creating different scenarios for the betterment of the organization.
  • There are reliable and exact figures which are prepared via past analysis reports.
  • With certain predictions in the kitty it helps to confidently move ahead with the business proposals and promotions
  • All the data is collected from the Sage software and sent through sage forecasting to prepare reports.

System Specifications

  • 2 GHz processor
  • 1 GB RAM or higher
  • Disk Space of 600 MB or more
    (Note: this space should be available after installation of the microsoft windows)
  • Windows 2000 or higher
  • Windows networking with over 1 Gbps network cards
  • MS Excel 2000 or higher

Forecasting Installation Process

  • Download the installation file of Sage Forecasting
  • By double clicking the downloaded file start the process of installing the software.
  • Click yes for the Licence Agreement of the Software
  • The next visual would ask you for the location of the file in the system to be stored. In case you want to change the destination select browse and change the course of location.
  • Tap next and in the next visual start installing the Sage Forecasting Software.
  • Tap next

Note : A window during the installation process may appear. Do not attempt to do anything with the screen.

  • The window will disappear itself during the installation process)
  • Tap Finish and start using the Sage Forecasting Software

Sage Forecasting Support – Call 1 (844) 857 4846

Sage 50 Forecasting is like pre assumption of various dialects in an organization. It comprehends the entire Sage software to build up reports which in turn helps the business to prepare reports from reliable and accurate data. However, Sage Forecasting can be very difficult to understand and prepare. If you have any concerns regarding the software you can contact our Sage Support team at 1 (844) 857 4846 and get insights about the software. We have experts of sage who would guide you through the Sage Forecasting software and also fix any of your concerns. We are available 24/7 at your door to conquer any of your concerns.


Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database

How to Fix Sage 50 Error Connecting to Database?

In today’s competitive time, Sage is touted as one of the best payment solutions available. But all good things aren’t easy to use and so is Sage 50. Unfortunately, sometimes, when you install the Sage 50 application on your computer, you might not be able to connect to the database due to some kind of technical error. So what you should normally do in such a case? Worry? Fret? Give up your hope? Nope! Just relax, don’t get dishearten and give all your worries to Sage Tech Support Phone Number. Thinking how we can help? So, below more than five methods to troubleshoot Sage 50 database connection error. The best part is, the below mentioned solutions are absolutely easy to understand and implement, which you can follow on your own. However, before you start following the steps, make sure to update your Connection Manager on your PC. Once, you have checked and still you are getting Sage 50 database connection error.

Issue Resolution: Sage 50 cannot connect to database

Solution 1: If the data files are stored on your server computer, do the following

1. First, test with the sample company.

  • For Windows XP go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Simply Accounting\201X\Samdata\
  • And for Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8 go to C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Simply Accounting\201X\Samdata\

2. In case, the sample company opens fine then we recommend you to do the following steps.

  • Ensure that the firewall on your server where the data is hosted is configured appropriately (Note: It is important to note that the ports that are responsible for the communitarian with the Connection Manager are added).
  • Find out whether your company data is saved on a server and what drive. Chances are you might have programs installed on the C: drive and data is stored on D drive. Check permissions of the shared folder where the data is located.
  • On the root of C:\, make a new share folder.
  • Now move the data in the new folder.
  • Ensure that you give full permissions to all the users.
  • Now try to open data from recently made new folder.
  • Use data file with server’s IP address rather than the computer name.

3. Check if the sample company opens or not

  • Check the firewall or antivirus for blocked Sage 50 processes, in case there is any then give them the full access.
  • For Windows XP users, in case antivirus/firewall has been adequately configured, and the sample company is still not working then the problem might be with the Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • And if you are using Sage 50 on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8-based compute and there is some problem in local sample company then the might be .NET components on your operating system might have been corrupted/damaged.

Solution 2: If the data files are stored in C:\PROGRAM FILES\ (or C:\PROGRAM FILES (x86)\) and the sample company file opens, follow the given below steps:

1. Change the location of the .SAJ folder and .SAI file. Move them outside the C:\Program Files\ (or C:\Program Files (x86)\).
2. Once done, right-click on the SAJ
3. Then select Properties.
4. Ensure that both Hidden as well as Read-only check boxes are unchecked.
5. If they are, go to Security
6. Ensure that all Groups or Usernames mentioned have Full Control access rights.
7. Select OK.
8. Then open the SAJ folder.
9. Find out and then remove the file pid.
10. Ensure that you can now easily open the data file.

Solution 3: Check ODBC Issue

1. Go to Programs and Features or Add Remove Programs on the control panel and make sure that ODBC is installed (If it is no installed, then install the ODBC by going to C:\Sage\Sage 50 Accounting <version>\BIN\MySQLODBC\).
2. Now run the mysql-connector-odbc-commercial-<version>.exe

Solution 4: If your computer is new, bring it back to its default factory settings

1. We recommend you to use the computer’s manufacturer restore disk and restore Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 back to its default factory settings.
2. Also, you can go through the manufacturer information

Solution 5: If the computer is not brand new, restore point

1. We recommend you to use Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 restore points to restore your computer to its previous settings when your Sage 50 application was working.
2. To locate restore points, go to Windows Start, select Control Panel and then go to System or Recovery
3. Find the restore point where the .NET components were updated and for that follow the wizard.

Sage Payment Errors

1 (844) 857 4846 Sage Payment Errors

Sage is software which fulfils all your accounting needs. It fits best in the small and medium sized industries to overcome any financial requirements. Sage can prepare reports which help the organizations to take vital product decisions. It can also take on the payroll requirements of the organization and there are several more features which makes it a complete Sage accounting software.

There are number of errors which are associated with Sage payments. The bank transactions are sometimes declined by the software because of anything unverified or missing in the systems.

Here are some of the bank payment gateway decline codes:

Error Code Description Resolution
650102 AVS Failure The match was not similar to the AVS result so the transaction was declined
711711 Review Reporting Error Visit your transaction history in the virtual terminal and check the status
900000’s Invalid Personal Details Confirm that the details are filled in with valid format or were left empty.
910000 Service not allowed There is an invalid service which cannot be submitted. You can call 1 (844) 857 4846 for assistance.
911911 Security Violation

Data format Invalid

Invalid Access

XML Web Security not enabled with invalid id and key.

Invalid characters or blank fields.

IP restrictions in the virtual terminal can result in denied access.

920050 Denied Debit void There cannot be a null debit transaction
930000 Fraud There are fraud symptoms in the transaction which cannot be processed.

Error Code 20005 – Bank Decline


Error Code 20005 means Do Not Honor i.e. the bank is not permitted to issue this transaction. Therefore only a bank official can be able to fix this issue. You can get in contact with your bank and get it resolved.

Note: We recommend not proceeding with this transaction before talking to the bank.

Error 0008 – Decline 000006


  • Transactions were setup to be processed on the retail rate account.
  • The credit card number starts with a 6 which makes the credit card a Discover.
  • Due to a check mark on recurring series the transaction was processed automatically.

 Sage Support Number – Call 1 (844) 857 4846

Sage is one of the best accounting software in the medium and small sized industry. However, every software is prone to errors. In the bank payments sage has its very own set of regulations and there are further regulations by the payment gateways and the bank. In case of any further concerns with the Sage payment errors you can contact our customer service team 1 (844) 857 4846 who would guide you with the description of these errors and why they are caused. Also, they will be delighted to help you fix the error. We have professionals of the domain who are experienced and are available 24*7 for your support.


Sage Impact Technical Support Number

3 Advantages of Modifying Sage for Your Business

Sage is a type of big business asset arranging software that encourages organizations to deal with an extensive variety of their procedures. There are numerous Sage items accessible available and in spite of the fact that they have extraordinary standard highlights, the ‘off-the-rack’ software doesn’t generally have the best capacities for assisting each business. This article will feature why tweaking Sage can profit your business.

You can integrate Sage with your website

Time is of the embodiment for some organizations. Along these lines, having a framework that paces up your business procedures can turn out to be amazingly valuable. You can completely coordinate your Sage software with your site or E-business site. By doing this, you will dispense with the need to re-enter information and you’ll enhance your Sage customer service via automating your business forms. You will likewise incomprehensibly decrease the danger of mistakes by combining your information into one sensible set. Sage can be completely versatile so you can redo huge numbers of its highlights, guaranteeing your site can keep up its look and feel while winding up more effective. Union Sage with your site and you’ll be sparing time and cash by synchronizing your information.

Have better control of your stock with barcoding

Sage can be completely adjusted to enable you to remain over your stock levels. On the off chance that you experience difficulty recording the greater part of your stock or might want a superior, more productive method for recording what’s going all through your business once a day, at that point adjusting Sage can be an alluring choice. You can redo the product to work with your business, consequently refreshing your stock levels. Mechanizing your administration decreases the danger of checking mistakes and can give you exact, continuous information of your stock levels. You can even utilize Sage to make deals requests and solicitations construct exclusively in light of the scanner tag information. Utilizing Sage along these lines will spare a lot of time contrasted with physically entering information.

Merge Sage with your mobile or laptop

It’s presumably protected to state that you’re not continually going to be based close to a PC. The idea of business will probably observe you rushing from place to put, endeavoring to keep over your day by day plan. The improvements in portable innovation have given you the chance to remain over your business while you’re moving. Many organizations will offer an entire joining administration with the goal that you can utilize Sage on your portable and workstation. Dealing with your business progressing will free up your opportunity and accelerate your business operations.

Sage HRMS Technical Support Number

4 Ways Sage 200 Software Can Streamline Your Business

Sage 200 is a dazzling bit of software that is as of now helping numerous organizations around the world. It was made because of the entrepreneur, helping organizations streamline their procedures and run smoother than a crisply shaved arrangement of legs. You can easily facilitate the greater part of your business forms, from assembling to bookkeeping. This article will feature a portion of the key advantages.

Unite all of Your Data

Trawling through masses of information and attempting to interface it together to build up a business system that works can be an absolute bad dream. For a few, it might be inconceivable. The time and exertion included can wind up with your business procedure comprising of fundamentally mystery. This is the place sage 200 software can help. It gives you a solitary, straightforward perspective of the business, financials, and client benefit over the entire of your business. Having the greater part of this information in one place can give you an awesome upper hand. It will enhance proficiency and spare important time, it will enable you to settle on better educated choices, and you can even utilize the product to deal with numerous organizations.

Unite your business

It’s not only the information that can profit by the Sage 200 software. The greater part of the offices inside your business can likewise profit by having the capacity to share their data and cooperate. It enables you to use on bit of software in all bureaus of your business, holding your IT costs down. The product is likewise flexible, giving you a chance to connect to other outsider frameworks giving you a definitive device in bringing together your business forms.

Unite you staff

There’s no denying that cooperation works. On the off chance that you give them instruments to take care of business productively, at that point you’re group will cooperate like they never have. They’ll have the capacity to investigate and address issues rapidly and their joined personalities will do only drive your business the correct way. In addition, they’ll have the information to settle on more astute business choices, helping you and your business.

Take your business Everywhere

In our occupied, occupied lives we require accommodation readily available. In the event that we don’t have this, at that point remaining in control can be intense and we can fall behind very effortlessly. Sage 200 software enables you to stay in contact wherever you are. It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you have a group of offers staff venturing to every part of the globe or in the event that you by and by are all over the place systems administration and making vital business associations, this product can give you ongoing data about your business when you require it most. It chips away at most programs and practically every cell phone, so you’re never more than a couple of feet far from the core of your business.

That is the reason Sage 200 software is awesome for business. As not all organizations are the same, the product is likewise completely customisable to improve it even. In the event that you’d like it modified, at that point Sapphire Sage Accounting Systems are master software engineers who can meet even the most complex needs.

Sage 200 Software

Sage 200 Software Specification

Sage 200 is a well known bit of Software which is utilized by numerous organizations around the globe. Regardless of whether you are new to bookkeeping or not you will locate that Sage 200 can help you. Staying with track of a’s records is no simple accomplishment, however it is fundamental. The accomplishment of a business relies upon making a benefit so it makes sense that you will need to take a gander at cash in and cash out, to guarantee that your business is doing what it should. Doing this physically can be befuddling and tedious, which is the reason you should take a gander at getting some product to help you. There are diverse decisions with regards to bookkeeping Software, however Sage has been around various years so in the event that you need a bit of Software whose experience justifies itself with real evidence, at that point it ought to be the decision for you.

This article investigates Sage 200 Software, what its advantages and key highlights are, and where you can buy the product.

Brisk Specifications

This product accompanies money related capacities, client relationship administration (CRM), and business knowledge abilities. The Sage 200 Software is intended for use by organizations that have in the vicinity of 5 and 250 representatives, and it can oblige up to 50 clients at one time.

The Sage 200 Software includes an intense monetary arranging and information catch framework. It will enable you to process exchanges rapidly and effectively with different layouts. It additionally enables you to make your own monetary formats if required. Sage 200 is intended for use with various monetary forms, and enables you to control the business speculations and money accounts paying little heed to what cash they are in. This product is fundamental for dealing with the greater part of your business accounts, and it will spare you both time and cash over the long haul.

Another component of Sage 200 is that it can deal with all parts of your client connections. It will enable you to design and execute battles, track the execution of offers groups and increment the adequacy of client communication. Another advantage of the product is its progressed robotized email administration benefit which enables you to get the correct message to the perfect individuals at the opportune time.

Extra Modules

Extra modules are accessible to buy which can be utilized as a part of conjunction with the first Sage 200 Software bundle. These modules incorporate business, venture bookkeeping, web time and cost administration, bill of materials, discount, retailer and development administration capacities.

Working Systems

Sage 200 is intended to deal with Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Where to Purchase the Software

This product is inconceivably customisable and pro so you won’t discover it in any retail locations. Rather the best place to buy it is on the web SageSupportNumber.Com. You can just buy it from a guaranteed approved retailer of the product.

Sage Payment Errors

Sage MAS 90 – The General in the Business Battlefield

The general is the one individual that driving forces the procedures in the front line, thus runs the same with Sage MAS 90, the widely acclaimed ERP programming that goes about as the focal preparing and cerebrum of the business. An armed force going to war without a general to lead is synonymous to connecting with a business without a CEO, nobody to make arrangements and guide the organization’s heading. Facing the extreme business world without exploiting Information Technology resembles crossing the thruways while shutting your eyes. At this cutting edge age, never participate in business without fusing IT arrangements.

Information is the key!

Getting the correct data, subtle elements and actualities is essential to the general war battle. In business, you need to know each factor influencing your organization. In the event that data is critical, right data is the arrangement however wrong data is lethal. The Sage MAS 90 ERP and bookkeeping programming gives you data about your business up to the moment continuously. Through Business Insights, a module that will give officials a snappy outline of the organization’s budgetary information which thusly permits them anticipate the following move and settle on brilliant choice. With the mix of Sage KnowledgeSync, as the expert and chief, you will be informed when something huge happens to your business which incorporates cautioning you when a specific condition went past your organization’s norms.

Keeping adequate supply = keeping you alive

Envision a war battle without sufficient supply for ammo, nourishment, water, pharmaceuticals, and different types of gear. It may be futile. Sage MAS 90, alongside its stock, deals requests and buy orders modules, was intended to ensure that your stockroom has enough inventories close by. At the point when your stocks are low, the buy arrange module consequently make buy orders from your sellers which will ensure that you will never come up short on stocks while deals orders module records your clients’ requests, you will know the amount, estimating, shipping address and significantly more. Everything is created through Sage MAS 90 ERP software.

Your troops and allies are the assets

A general, through his powerful initiative, is regarded and cherished by his unwavering officers since he knows how to esteem his kin. Reinforcing the connection between, your representatives and clients is a urgent factor in business achievement. Sage MAS 90 Human Resources (HR) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules give this arrangement. HR Modules handles paperless finance and direct stores, deals with your exhausting concerns and everything is done electronically. CRM module gives answers for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Technical Support by coordinating CRM programming, for example, Sage SalesLogix, SageCRM and ACT! by Sage. With these, you are outfitted with individuals who are engaged as they confront your business front line.

All in all, the Sage MAS 90 was intended to be the focal mind of your business. The motivation behind ERP programming is to give a total business administration arrangement which can deal with all business concerns. The situation of the pretended by a general at war and Sage MAS 90 as an ERP programming for a business is only the same. The fundamental point is that all operations and battles end up plainly productive and powerful in any event cost on the grounds that a viable personality running the crusades.